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Excellent thermal efficiency

Integrated thermal breaks deliver low u-values for the best energy efficiency.


High performance aluminium construction assurance year round weather protection.

Made to suit your requirements

Engineered on a project-by-project basis, maintaining prompt turnaround times.

Choose from any RAL colour

A choice of over 150 RAL colours powder-coated, with dual finish options.

A discreet yet stylish addition suitable for domestic and commercial applications

Stratus launches the concept of what a Lantern Roof is capable of far beyond their ability to spoil properties with lashings of natural light. Engineered using high performance and thermally-broken aluminium profile, when combined with AluPro’s high calibre of aluminium construction each unit is just as practical as it is stylish. 65% more thermally efficient than conventional aluminium roof systems, u-values are lowered and energy efficiency increased.

Each Stratus roof can be supplied in any one of three distinct designs: 3-way, 2-way, and contemporary. The former two choices can be installed in a max size of 3000mm (w) x 6000mm (l) while the contemporary style can support the ridge solely using hip rafters, rendering the need for rafters obsolete for an inherently modern look.

Technical specifications


  • 66% smaller than standard roof lantern systems
  • Sleek sightlines for great light entry
  • 20° pitch makes for the ultimate contemporary look
  • Up to 65% more thermally efficient than other options
  • Available in 2 and 3-way designs

Why choose lantern roofs from AluPro

Choosing AluPro as your choice of aluminium lantern roof supplier means opting into a partnership that delivers high quality products promptly, and with a high level of quality assurance. Those seeking to cater for the environmentally-conscious market can also rest easy knowing that they are engineered using 100% recyclable material can easily be supplied, giving you the edge over competitors.

Stratus roofs from AluPro are the go-to product for installers catering to domestic and commercial customers concerned with illuminating their property sufficiently. We engineer them to consistently stay light in-keeping with the natural tendencies of aluminium, accepting recommended sealed units up to a thickness of just 24mm. Each lantern roof still balances light and performance easily, making it a valued product for any installer’s catalogue.

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